Saturday, September 24, 2011

Message in Bottles

I have a friend and we correspond by email but also by letter. Each year we send each other a letter about 9/11 because we spent time and got drunk that evening. It's one of those memories that stick with you and I try to keep it up. This year she sent me a letter in a bottle because how often does one get to find one?
Me: so far none.
Her: also zero.

Mental Floss ran this. Interesting stuff. In fact when I wander I've found letters on walks but so far nothing very good. Though I will say I heard about the Laura Buxton one. I believe it was on Radio Lab but I'm not sure. During it they brought up the similarities and played the story to make it the coincidence sound amazing but then play further interviews that showed they weren't so similar and it was just an odd coincidence.

Not unlike the fact there is a guy in Moses Lake with my same name and he has a criminal record and when I apply for things his info is brought up. Still some day I'll go there and try to party with him... or me... no idea but it'll be awesome.

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