Friday, December 30, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weird or normal?

I know 2 songs about walking in on your room mate masturbating...

( Fung Brothers )

(BrentalFloss )

Way Too Late Music Video Fix

Stop Motion holds a place in my heart.
Tool's Sober is another video that really used it well.
Green Jelly on the other hand did this.
Something like an art school experiment it's still a great thing.

I vaguely remember in 1995 (or so) listening to an interview with them on KNAC. It was a sunday and I was listening because Rodney on the Roq was on and despite all Rodney Bingenheimer has done his show doesn't thrill me like I feel it should.
But I remember Green Jelly talking about taking apart couches to make costumes and being a terrible band, and pretty much how most people would act if they were drunk, high, and not taking the situation seriously.
Good times.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stuff I send my Mom

That's what we call a "pun" or play on words.

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Does "The Engine Room" sound like a gay bar?

Because that might be the name of my nerd bar.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Rest of the Alphabet

Wapsi Square was a fun comic for a while.
Enjoyed it and having known a couple small waisted large breasted girls it was good to send comics their way.
Then it got a bit too supernatural in odd ways so I gave it up.
Still remember some of the good comics though, like this.

Requisition me a beat

Had to call unemployment today and while it wasn't too bad.
Especially considering I had 20 employers.
To you Unemployment Bureaucrat I dedicate this song.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

DNS made easy

I remember my first webpage. I think it was in the New York section of geocities... but it may have been in Roswell... those were halcyon days... well not really but I do miss blood dividers.

Super Mario Bros

Kind of makes me want to take up glass blowing because I could see these and retire.
Or just use it.
And while I do I will sing the closing theme from the Super Mario Bros Super Show.
Don't remember how that goes?
Don't worry I can help:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Nothing says Christmas like Riker threatening to use his phaser on you while taking a shit in your tree.
Changes the meaning of the Christmas Pickle.
Pant it brown and you can guess where it came from...
( The Rest)

Bum Wine

Talking to Lauren today she said was a wino.
I told her a wino is a person that drinks bum wine in the park at 11am.
Then I directed her to Bumwine for further proof.

Way Too Late Music Video Fix

I suck at making tea.
After attempting to make some I was told to try more bags. Bagging. Baggns... Bilbo!

I responded with this gem.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Why, hello.

I just like the look on Shakespeare's face here.
That's what I feel Shakespeare is saying here.

Yep, been there

Butternut Squash was a great comic.
But after so many hiatuses(?) and new work for the artist it was only a matter of time before it ended.
Too bad I really dug it.


This is what a flash mob should be.
Friend sent me one that was not as cool as this.
Stupid lame flash mobs.
What I was sent.
Just wish I knew if that was Fat Boy Slim at the beginning.


Bekki chatted "sookie" instead of "cookie".
I sent her this.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Perhaps my college years were wasted not recreating cartoons from my youth.
I won't be sure.
Also I won't be sure if anyone else remembers Fillmore.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fuck Yeah Tetris

When I worked at Knott's Berry Farm I played a lot of Tetris.
I mean around 6 hours a day on my cell phone.
I got rather good but I doubt this good.


Not sure which is worse: knowing the alignment chart or knowing these wrestlers...

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guns and Roses

I get to load this out on friday.
Can't wait.
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Way Too Late Music Video Fix

Too Old to Rock n Roll; Too Young to Die isn't my favorite Jethro Tull album.
It has a few good songs but feels too much like a concept album that just doesn't work.
Sure "Taxi Grab" is great, "Salamander" is decent but the album is known for this title song.
And it just makes sense for Tull to still be playing it to this day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dating like Captain Kirk

Not really.
Wikihow is a great site for amusement and discovering how to do things you may already know how to do.
But How to Meet Girls Who Like Star Trek is pretty much how to meet girls but with Star Trek added in.

Still needing to know something like
5 Free up some time and start looking

you've got to wonder who it is aimed at.
Then again I have know guys that have said, "Girls that are interested will know where to find me." while wiping cheetoh dust off their hands, drinking from a giant mug of soda, and adjusting their DM screen... ok that's a bit of an exaggeration but not by a lot.

Although there is some generally good advice too.
Like reminding the reading they are more Nog than James Kirk
Be thoughtful. If you do connect with a Star Trek girl, don't rush things and certainly don't disrespect her intelligence. Most Star Trek girls are going to be geeks––intelligent, knowledgeable, assertive and able to spot thoughtlessness a mile off. If you do hope to become romantically inclined, take your time to get to know her first and don't try and insist that the two of you end up in the bedroom before the evening's out. That will simply have her losing interest and leaving––fast.

To a more everyday lesson like
If you feel rejected by a girl in your search for a Star Trekkie friend or flame, don't give up. Remember that someone unable to tolerate your love of Star Trek is not someone for you.

And of course something that should just be common knowledge by now.
It's recommended that you arrange initial dates in a public place and not at home, especially if you've connected through the online environment.
If someone asks you to meet at their house from an online source they maybe looking to wear your skin as a jacket... or have sex with you but probably the killing.

While this one is great this is perhaps my favorite.

What could have been

Cracked had an article about insane early designs.
Besides Walt Disney's idea for a future community for all of us with a theme park at the center, which I swear was a Sim City of mine, bizarre Golden Gate Bridge, and a show of what the 19th century thought of nature with Rushmore.

Then there was what could have been with the Space Needle.
After seriously considering the balloon shape again, it was decided having a compromise shape would be best, and that they should nix the idea for cable cars to travel up to it in on account of that idea being expensive, insane and probably physically impossible. They went with the idea of mixing the narrow stem support of the balloon idea with the saucer-shaped top submitted by a somewhat more conventional architect, John Graham. It was chosen, just after the foundation was poured, as the final design:

The Space Needle, if it hadn't been for a competing architect trying to get a compromise idea, could have nearly become the giant balloon looming like the eye of Sauron over Seattle.

I can see the Space Needle from my window.
As I typed that I turned my head and looked at it.
Or catch it looking like it's on fire at New Years.

The rest of the Cracked Article

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I've wonder what preachers are like when they're not on the pulpit.
I assume they're more or less normal people but with a different calling.
Yet if I knew this I'd be happier about attending services.
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I Am Aware of My Tongue

For 3 years I ran Peanuts themed ice shows at Knott's Berry Farm.
Not a bad job and if the pay was higher I might still be there.
Returning for the most recent summer show (Happiness is Snoopy) this was the final preshow show before the show.
Rather touching tribute to Charles Schulz.


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Thursday, December 1, 2011

T Shirt

This t shirt says, "The music I listen to isn't very good."
It's probably worn by somebody, bit of a nerd, going through a gothic phase.
Or rather having some objects that are covered in skeletons or bones, maybe a bit of black about but not really true gothic.
Just semi goth.
Possibly they also own a shirt that says, "If you're a Goth where were you when Rome was sacked?"

In case you need this shirt.


When I was younger I watched a number of documentaries on Nuclear Weapons.
My favorite is "Atomic Cafe" which is mostly propaganda films.
Saw it on Discovery back when they played more than Mythbusters and shows about explosions.
Not that there's anything against them.

The blast made a hole 328 feet deep and well over 1,000 feet wide. Radiation, unlike the American tests, stayed pretty much in the neighborhood, although some did get over Japan's airspace. It did successfully create Lake Chagan, which is still highly radioactive today, though people now swim in it because they're Russian and therefore don't give a shit about anything. Still, when compared with our radioactive mud rain, the Russians probably won that round.

The Rest.