Monday, September 19, 2011

Go Aggies!

TYWKIWDBI had an article about non conference college football games and I nearly skipped the whole thing. I hardly care about conference college football or football and even college it could go either way until I read this:
"...the [Minnesota] Gophers sent the [New Mexico State] Aggies home with an $800,000 tip Saturday, the largest visiting-team guarantee the Gophers have ever paid (From Star Tribune).
I went to NMSU and the football was pretty bad then. They were also building a mutlimillion dollar training center for this team.
I didn't think they deserved it, still don't think they do, but I'm not in a place to really be bothered by it. After all there was the year the Aggies made it on the cover of Sports Illustrated as the Worst College Team of the Year.
Still good to see NMSU in the news.

Aggies, Oh Aggies!
We’ll win this game or know the reason why!
And when we win this game,
We’ll buy a keg of booze,
And we’ll drink it to the Aggies
‘till we wobble in our shoes!

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