Monday, September 24, 2012

Tech Support

I remember when the Quills got a NES.
Excitement raced through Mira Mar each of us hoping to have a crack at Ryan's new toy.
Even this odd ice cream social thing eventually moved to us playing Wizards and Warriors while the adults... honestly I have no idea what they did.
Like all NESes it started to have problems.
I don't recall knowing who I heard blowing on the cart from but it didn't always work.
When it did there was redemption for our effort.
...there was also a trick involving a quarter, turning it on and then putting the cart in, or an odd putting the whole thing upside down.
It was more rituals to make the thing, perhaps an odd bit of magical thinking in the early 90s but when it worked it was awesome.

Yet this skills occurs even now.
A bit ago I asked to check some lighting dimmer packs.
My instructions were: "Turn it off, remove it from the rack, blow on it like a Nintendo game, put it back in, then turn it on."

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