Saturday, October 6, 2012

Soda Fountain

I found myself cruising Wikihow and wondering about the people that write these entries.
Are they the ones that live in infomericals that have problems with everyday things.
Like opening cans, making beds, or using a soda fountain.
Maybe this is a joke.

A really elaborate joke that contains the instructions instructions:
1.Pay for the Soda at the Counter
2. Place the empty cup, hole side up, under the ice dispenser and use the cup to apply gentle pressure to the activating lever.
3.Decide which drink you want, then use your cup to push the activating lever directly below your drink of choice
4.Hold the glass (with the ice in it) under one dispenser at a time if you are going to mix sodas, or under just the one of your choice if you are only going to get one
5.Select the size cover or lid meant the size drink you paid for and place it on the cup securely.

I never would have guessed... really never would have.
And warnings... and tips... man alive Wikihow you amuse me to no end.
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