Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh New Mexico

That is the only qualified police office in Vaughn New Mexico.
This isn't some joke like the dog and cat mayors that crop up but a real tale of poor choices and corruption.

Nikka, a drug sniffing Belgian Malinos, is now top dog and sole officer of the Vaughn Police Department after chief Chris “Ernest” Armijo resigned Wednesday amid revelations he couldn’t carry a gun because of a felony conviction in neighboring Texas.
The only other human on the force, Brian Bernal, was convicted of battery in 2010 and was never certified or trained to be a police officer, town officials told KRQE. Noncertified officers can’t make arrests and can’t carry firearms.
That left Nikka, a fully credentialed, highly trained and sociable canine officer purchased this year with money borrowed from the New Mexico Finance Authority. However, Armijo never completed a required certification to handle her

Past all the humor of the sole office being a dog it's really a pretty tragic tale.
It's amusing to read but also the consequences could be pretty bad.

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