Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shit White Girls say... to Black Girls

Saw this on Cynical-C and it got me thinking.
Being a bit of an undercover Latino, that is more folks don't realize my ethnicity, they often will say rather disparaging things about Latinos, in particular Mexicans, to me.
The interesting thing is when my background comes up they apologize. Racial guilt, I suppose, and mostly it doesn't bug me. These people aren't serious nor are they closed minded crackers it's just an establish social norm. I doubt they believe what they're saying but it's said as a joke and without harm intended. It doesn't bug me but I do worry that these little jokes could become established as fact. It's a minor fear, sure, but it's one that I wonder about.

Although when people find out I'm Jewish they'll often say, 'Oh so that's why you're cheap.'
Can't win them all.

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