Monday, November 7, 2011

5 Insane Ways Fear of Masturbation Changed the World

That's one interesting merit badge... how do you earn it? did this list today. Rather good.
I remember being a child and watching The Road to Wellville on show time and not really getting it but seeing it later and going, 'Dammit Victorian's you are crazy!' Few months ago a theatre did In the Other Room: The Vibrator Play and had a lobby display of antique vibrators and it was quite a sight.
Older patrons looking at the vibrators and I wonder if some had seen those around the house.
Shared this with a friend and she said, 'Masturbation is tits' but I remember Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick saying it was hard to make jokes about masturbation because their audience hadn't gotten to the point where it's funny.

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