Monday, October 10, 2011

Mental Floss

I first ran into Mental Floss in the Lake City Library when I was between job, killing time, and trying not to give up on my move.
Sitting among homeless, students, and homeless students I read interesting articles, small factoids in margins, and was entertained while jobs passed me over.
It was good times.
Their blog is an addition to my daily reading.
This morning they presented 7 Unsung Events that Deserve Your Attention.
Great stuff.
The Red Bull Flutag, World Series of Mahjong, yoyo championship.
Number Six I will someday go to.
6. National Championship Chuck Wagon Cook-Off
Are you sick of going to cooking competitions that just end up being snooty and barely even involve rustic wagons? Then this is the event for you. Chuck wagon teams from around the country meet up in Lubbock, Texas, as part of the National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration to revive “the skills that were used to keep the cowboys fed and fit.” The four-man teams each use a wood fire to make a meal that consists of chicken-fried steak, pinto beans, potatoes, a cobbler, and either biscuits or rolls. Better yet, this isn’t just some ivory tower competition where only the judges get to taste the food; the same chow is served to attendees as dinner. The rules seek to make each chuck wagon’s equipment as authentic as possible, including regulations on the metals used in cookware and the suggestion that each wagon carry a two-man crosscut saw. This event looks both interesting and delicious, so it’s worth checking out if you’re in the Lubbock area this weekend.

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