Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This sweet dog committed no crime and never harmed a single living soul. The only reason for his seizure by the dog wardens in Belfast was that he looked similar to a Pit Bull, a breed banned under the Dangerous Dog Act (DDA). He was seized after being measured by a seamstress' tape measure on May 19, 2010, where he has remained in the "secret kennels" used to hide these dogs until families can battle through the court system to try to get them back. He has had no contact with his family throughout this entire time.

I found this and thought of the two pit bulls I've know, Thelma and Zoe. Neither one was aggressive toward humans, Thelma had problems with other dogs but Zoe didn't seem to. So I realize that the breed has an unfair reputation. Still they were fighting dogs, are stocky, vicious looking and occasionally have problems with other dogs but Lennox isn't even a pit bull, he's an American Bull dog Labrador mix (source), and also a therapy dog so this just seems wrong. I really feel for him and I hope he ends up with his family.

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