Sunday, March 18, 2012

Star Wars

Freshman year of college I had a roommate, who like me, was a nerd.
Now we were nerds in the sense that each of us had interest in things that weren't cool.
SciFi, Dilbert, computers, the like. In '99 when computers weren't suggested for freshman each of us had one, me with my laptop, and him a desktop. Sharing a dial up connection was tough but we made it work somehow.
That year was pretty good and we stayed in touch the next few years, then drifted apart around junior year, oddly enough I ran into at graduation and we talked again. He was getting his degree in Music and considering staying on for Computer Science (what he entered college to do) he admitted that the year living with me had changed his view of college and had more fun after living with the slacker that was me.

Anyway he found this video early in our freshman year.
We quoted it throughout the year and I had looked for it off and on for years.
Makes me wonder if Phantom Menace 3d is still in theatres.

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