Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dating like Captain Kirk

Not really.
Wikihow is a great site for amusement and discovering how to do things you may already know how to do.
But How to Meet Girls Who Like Star Trek is pretty much how to meet girls but with Star Trek added in.

Still needing to know something like
5 Free up some time and start looking

you've got to wonder who it is aimed at.
Then again I have know guys that have said, "Girls that are interested will know where to find me." while wiping cheetoh dust off their hands, drinking from a giant mug of soda, and adjusting their DM screen... ok that's a bit of an exaggeration but not by a lot.

Although there is some generally good advice too.
Like reminding the reading they are more Nog than James Kirk
Be thoughtful. If you do connect with a Star Trek girl, don't rush things and certainly don't disrespect her intelligence. Most Star Trek girls are going to be geeks––intelligent, knowledgeable, assertive and able to spot thoughtlessness a mile off. If you do hope to become romantically inclined, take your time to get to know her first and don't try and insist that the two of you end up in the bedroom before the evening's out. That will simply have her losing interest and leaving––fast.

To a more everyday lesson like
If you feel rejected by a girl in your search for a Star Trekkie friend or flame, don't give up. Remember that someone unable to tolerate your love of Star Trek is not someone for you.

And of course something that should just be common knowledge by now.
It's recommended that you arrange initial dates in a public place and not at home, especially if you've connected through the online environment.
If someone asks you to meet at their house from an online source they maybe looking to wear your skin as a jacket... or have sex with you but probably the killing.

While this one is great this is perhaps my favorite.

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